Emily graduated from UNCG in Spring 2014 with a major in Classical Studies (Language and Literature concentration) and one course shy of an English major, and is currently a Master’s candidate (2019) in the Master of Science in Library Science (MSLS) program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her primary focus is reference and user services in health sciences librarianship, although she also works extensively with data visualization and occasionally dabbles with digital humanities.

Her research revolves mainly around colors and hazardous materials, and if she can study both at once, that is infinitely to be preferred. She also has research interests in the areas of emergency medical services, the Classical history of medicine, and mental health information resources.

Her practice as an information professional is focused most keenly on social media in general, and in particular, on leveraging social media as a tool for information retrieval. Her favorite (and most frequently used) platform is Twitter, though she has done some work with Tumblr and finds Pinterest intriguing.

Current Projects

Projects on Hiatus

  • #mslabelled project: a project exploring the use of tumblr as a platform for providing health information for and about women with autism spectrum disorders and raising awareness of the presentation of ASDs in women. [http://mslabelld.tumblr.com]
  • CADVCEVS (Classification Approach to Data Visualization and Content Exploration Via Subject Guides): a project investigating the use of Linked Data and data visualization in combination with wiki-based content co-creation to encourage learning and new discoveries in introductory-level Classics students.  [WordPress site][wiki site]