Entry 1: Hello, world!

What is social networking?

To me, social networking is the use of an online platform, often (but not always) designed for the purpose of social networking, to connect with other people for personal or professional reasons.  The user has some sort of relationship with the people with whom they connect; this could manifest as the user’s family and friends, coworkers and colleagues, people whom they admire or whose career and exploits they want to follow, people they view as a source of information, and so on.  The relationship may be reciprocal (e.g. Facebook friends, mutual followers on Tumblr) or not (e.g. a fan following a movie star or news reporter).  The connections formed as a part of social networking are not static, but produce some sort of flow of communication or information, such as the sharing of family news or videos of a concert.  The information and communications produced by these connections are what contribute value to social networking; the connection itself is redundant without them.

My social media

High use:
Tumblr: @lisemily (personal & professional)
Facebook: Emily Gerrin (personal; rarely, private messages used for professional collaboration)
LinkedIn: Emily Gering (professional)
Wordpress: eegering (professional)

Medium use:
Pinterest: @egerrin (mainly personal, some boards for professional use)
500px: eegering

Rare use:
Twitter: @eegering (professional)
YouTube: don’t recall username (personal)

What I expect to learn from INF506

I expect to learn about the social media tools that are available and how they can best be utilized for LIS purposes.  I have done some work in this area (chiefly as regards using Tumblr as a platform for subject guides/pathfinders) and have done some reading of the literature (enough to know that YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter seem to dominate, unsurprisingly), but I would like to expand on this knowledge with formal learning.  I anticipate achieving this through a combination of reading, discussion, and hands-on projects/activities.


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