Entry 7: Social Networking Strategy

I think one of the biggest (and arguably most important) parts of creating a social networking strategy that I identified in this module is the necessity for each social networking/media platform used to have a specific purpose.  (Though of course, one must also be able to measure the success of the platform’s implementation, e.g. using SMART goals.)  Using the UNC Hospitals Patients’ Library (mentioned in Entry 6) as my setting, I have drafted the following marketing strategy implementing the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms.

Platform Goal Measures of success
Facebook Home base Number of likes
Twitter Interaction with patrons Number of tweets and replies
Instagram Promote library Post frequency (2/wk); number of likes


Facebook: Because Facebook is arguably the platform with which most people are familiar, or at least acquainted with, it is well suited for serving as a home base for the library’s social media presence.  Because the library is so small, it might be more practical for the library’s Facebook presence to be part of the UNC Health Care Volunteer Services page (e.g. a note or hashtag).  In this case, the number of likes used as a measure of success would be the number of likes on library-related posts, as opposed to number of likes of a Facebook page.

Twitter: Twitter is an ideal platform for interacting with patrons.  For example, hospital staff could tweet a request to have the library cart come around a particular floor, or a patient with a request for a specific book could tweet the request to the library twitter instead of having a hospital staff member come to the library to check for the book.  To measure the success of this platform’s implementation, the total number of tweets to and from the library, as well as replies to them, should be assessed.

Instagram: The role of the library’s Instagram is to publish images that promote the library as a place where patients, hospital staff, and clinicians can find a place to relax with a book or magazine.  Images could include photos of the space itself (particularly the monthly themed displays), as well as images of particular titles that are fun or of interest to the community.  For the use of this platform to be successful, at least two images should be published per week, and the number of likes these images acquire should be assessed.


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