Follow Up: Web 3.0

In my post about Web 2.0, I made an allusion to Web 3.0, i.e. the Semantic Web.  Now, I am interested in Linked Data, and the project of which my work for Assignment 3 was a part has Linked Data and the Semantic Web as an important piece of what I am exploring with the project.  I say this by way of introduction and disclaimer that when it comes to Web 3.0, there is no doubt in my mind that Web 3.0 is the Semantic Web, Q.E.D.

So when I read David Stuart’s Web 3.0 promises change for librariesResearch Information, (February/March 2010), I was not exactly favorably disposed towards the other contenders (pretenders, says I) to the title of Web 3.0.  However, after reading the article, I must admit that I am intrigued as to the possibilities offered by the 3D Web and the Real World Web.  As someone who has in a past life been involved in the 3D art world, I find the proposition of a 3D web particularly fascinating and am eager to see what may develop in this area.  The Real World Web I am not so keen on though I will grudgingly admit that it does indeed offer some very useful and interesting technologies for libraries to incorporate into their services.

Because of my bias towards the Semantic Web, I am of course throughly incensed at the statement that the Real World Web is most worthy of the Web 3.0 title, and would be quite prepared and willing to argue that the Semantic Web is the true heir to the throne of Web 3.0.  However, to paraphrase the old Latin maxim, de gustibus et interretialia tertia non sunt disputandum.


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