Off Topic: If You Pin It, They Will Come

I created a Pinterest account in the autumn of last year (2015) for the sole purpose of finding and saving Halloween craft ideas (I get really into Halloween, okay).  After Halloween had come and gone, I used it sporadically, mainly as a place to save things I found on the Internet so that I didn’t have to save them to my iPad and lose space.  Eventually I quit using it entirely, though I kept my account so that if necessary, I could log in and look at other Pinterest user’s boards.

While being enrolled in this subject, I have been revisiting social media platforms with which I have accounts but, for one reason or another, do not use often, with the goal of incorporating them more fully into my own personal social media world.  I have even managed to make friends with Twitter, which is nothing short of amazing.  I have also found success with Pinterest, along with a surprising (to me, at any rate) piece of wisdom, namely: If you pin it, they will come.

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Off Topic: Librarian 2.0

I have to admit, I’m not really in love with the term “Librarian 2.0”.  I understand that it’s referring to Web 2.0 and branching off of the concept of Library 2.0, but to me, saying an information professional is “Librarian 2.0” implies that others are “Librarian 1.0”, and thus somehow not quite as good as “Librarian 2.0”, and I think that’s a false conclusion.  I know in Partridge, H., Lee, J., & Munro, C. (2010), they say that a lot of their focus groups responded to the question “But haven’t LIS professionals always been required to have these skills, knowledge, and attributes?” with something like “Yes, but…” which implies that there really is a perception that Librarian 2.0 has something important that Librarian 1.0 lacks.  And the keywords identified in Huvila, I., Homberg, K., Kronqvist-Berg, M., Nivakoski, O., & Widén, G. (2013) offer a glimpse of what these things are.  But while I agree wholeheartedly with many principles behind Librarian 2.0, especially those identified in the video “A Librarian 2.0’s Manifesto”, I think Librarian 2.0 is not the best identifier for a librarian who engages with these principles and practices.  However, that being said, I don’t have any ideas of what a better term would be, so perhaps I shouldn’t complain about “Librarian 2.0”.

Off Topic: “Wow, really? F*ck you too”: thoughts on Facebook Friending culture

A while back, some guy sent me a friend request on Facebook.  We had one mutual friend, and that friend wasn’t someone I’m super close with, so I didn’t accept his request.  This past weekend, purely by chance, I navigated to the part of the Messenger app where messages from people you’re not friends with go.  There I discovered two messages, one from February 26th, and one from the previous Friday.  These messages can be seen in the following screenshot, humorously annotated in the style of the doge meme:


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